2nd Semester HS Exam Schedule

Dear Parents & Guardians of High School Students:
            Second Semester exams will take place on Friday, Monday and Tuesday, May 19, 22, and 23.  Students are expected to be in attendance for each exam day, and no exam will be made-up unless there is a serious illness or doctor’s excuse.  In the event a student misses an exam due to an excused absence it is the student’s responsibility to schedule the make-up exam with the teacher.  There will be a make-up time on Tuesday, May 23 after school.
Friday, May 19
7:55-8:03 Homeroom
8:06-8:36 S.H. for 1st Bell Exam
8:39-10:09 1st Bell Exam
10:12-10:42 S.H. for 5th Bell Exam
10:45-12:15 5th Bell Exam
12:18-12:42 S.H. for 6th Bell Exam
12:42-1:12 Lunch
1:15-2:45 6th Bell Exam
Monday, May 22
7:55-8:03 Homeroom
8:06-8:36 S.H. for 2nd Bell Exam
8:39-10:09 2nd Bell Exam
10:12-10:42 S.H. for 7th Bell Exam
10:45-12:15 7th Bell Exam
12:18-12:42 S.H. for 8th Bell Exam
12:42-1:12 Lunch
1:15-2:45 8th Bell Exam
Tuesday, May 23
7:55-8:03 Homeroom
8:06-8:36 S.H. for 3rd Bell Exam
8:39-10:09 3rd Bell Exam
10:12-10:42 S.H. for 4th Bell
10:45-12:15 4th Bell Exam
*School ends at the conclusion of last exam unless a student has a makeup exam to take. (Lunch will be provided for those who do not have transportation and who signed up during homeroom)
12:42-1:12 Lunch
1:15-2:45 Make up Exams
Students will be responsible for all material covered within each second semester class.  There will be one review day required to be given by all teachers on Thursday, May 18.  Specific reviews in content areas will be given at the teacher’s discretion.  You will notice on the exam schedule that there is a half an hour period before each exam for students to ask questions about any study material they might not have fully understood.  Students should be in attendance for these study times as well as for the exam time.  Exams will be counted as 20% of the final semester grade; therefore, first nine weeks is 40%, second nine weeks is 40% and the exam is 20% of the final semester grade.
            Ninth and tenth grade students will be required to be in attendance at school the entire exam days, unless no other exams are scheduled for the remainder of that day and a parent or guardian signs them out in the office.  Lunch will be served each day for those who sign up during homeroom.  
            Eleventh and twelfth grade students who drive will be allowed to arrive at school during those times they have a scheduled exam (must arrive for the study hall prior to the exam); they will only be allowed to leave when they have no other exams for the remainder of that day. They must sign in and out with the office.  Students who do not drive or who do not wish to leave will have supervised study rooms when they are not in a scheduled exam. 
            It is our desire to fully prepare students for their advanced education.  We believe that mid-term exams help to prepare students for their future academic goals.  Hopefully, this letter will help your family adequately prepare for any changes to your schedule and enable you to make the necessary accommodations for a successful exam week.
In His Service,
The MCS Administration & High School Faculty


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